Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




The meeting opened with an invocation by Sister Carmel.
The minutes were read and duly corrected, to wit: the bylaws
state that the scholarship will consist of $500 to one
recipient, not $1000 as stated in the minutes. Nora
Olivares suggested award­ing two $500 scholarships, but
that would involve changing the bylaws. The minutes as
corrected were approved. The treasurer's report reflected
a checking account balance of $11,779.36. Membership
chairman Kay Delaney introduced guest Sandra Holland
from Pleasanton. She is interested in genealogy, has been
work­ing on admission to the DAR, and has a home-based
secretarial service. Seventeen members were present.

Next came a report from the Program chairman: The Evelyn
Coleman lecture was well received. The programs presented by
the Irish American Cultural Institute are authentic and are
backed by the Irish government. Bob will know about the fall
schedule soon and will start working on it.

President Kelley prefaced his remarks by urging members to
send notes of encouragement to Harold Connelley whose wife
Margaret has had a stroke. The report of the nominating
committee (see attachment) was read by President Kelley.
Ballots will be in the June newsletter. Please bring them
to the meeting ready to submit. Our society will help at
the genealogy table at the Folklife Festival. There will
be Irish music supplied by the musicians who play at the
Brew Moon. It was moved and seconded that we have our
Christmas party at the Fort Sam Houston Offi­cers' Club on
Saturday, December 6.
After 26 years, the Noel Henry Band will not be returning
to San Antonio in the foreseeable future. Sister Carmel
explained that the members all have full-time jobs or
professions, and it has become a sacrifice for them to
come here for a weekend. We will seek a smaller venue;
President Kelley solicits specific recommendations. Bob
contacted the Irish societies in Austin and Houston; there
does not appear to be a showband like Noel Henry's in the
area. Ideas were discussed about meeting the 12 Irish
youths who are here working for Habitat for Humanity
through the end of June. It was decided to have a
potluck at our June meeting to which they would be
The meeting was adjourned at 5, and a social hour followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Hill, Secretary