Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




President Lou Kelley opened the meeting at 4:10 p.m., followed by
the invocation by Sister Carmel. Lou reviewed what today's raffle
prizes would be, and encouraged us to buy tickets. The minutes from
the previous meeting were approved as read. Bob gave the treasurer's
report, noting we had $6,946.68 right now, but that payments to
Finton Stanley and some others, such as security, had not been made
We netted approximately $1,000 on the dance. There was
an announcement made on behalf of the ITC that a Big Band concert
with a 19-piece orchestra would take place there on May 29th from
2-5 p.m. and there is no admission fee to the concert.
Committee reports were begun at 4:28, starting with Kay, our
membership chair, who announced we had 29 members and 1 guest
present. She said that there has been quite a bit of interest in
receiving our ICS newsletters, and of those approximately 50 people,
3 have since joined ICS. Also, favorable comments on the Irish
Heritage Day have been received by those who take care of the
telephone committee for the ICS. Gene Logan, program chair,
announced speakers for the May, June, and September meetings. We
are looking forward to upcoming programs by Nancy Wilson and Steve
Wilson. Jerry McKenna, the sculptor, has a prior commitment to Notre
Dame and is unable to provide a program for ICS at this time. Other
program possibilities include Susan Morrison, Helen Ryan on Belleek
china, and perhaps a program on the Glacer technique which is very
popular in Ireland right now. The librarian announced the
acquisition of ten new books and videos for the ICS collection.
Brenda, the social committee chair, announced that the June meeting
would have a luau theme. Maura, our public relations chair, posted
newspaper clippings about Irish Heritage Day for us to peruse during
the refreshment break. Nora, scholarship chair, had to report that
there would be no ICS scholarship given again this year. Five
essays were received and reviewed by Nora and her committee. When
checking the sources and citations included with the two best essays,
they discovered that both contributions had been plagerized.
New Business: Sister Carmel let us know about St. Gregory's upcoming
50th anniversary events on June 12th. She broached the subject of
Noel Henry vs. Finton Stanley for the next St. Patrick's Day Dance,
and told us what she considered to be the pros and cons of either
We were reminded of the benefit on May 1st for Caroline
Doherty-Roddy, and a motion was passed for ICS to purchase 5 of the
$100 tickets available. Joan Moody announced that St. Matthew's
Catholic Church is having a reception for Monseignor Lawrence Steuben
on May 29th from 1:45-3 p.m. There will a mass followed by the
reception celebrating the 50th anniversary of his invocation. Lou
asked for someone to chair the nominating committee over the next
few months and Helen Logan graciously volunteered. Gene Logan
suggested that ICS members go to Mass together at St. Gregory's
noontime service, followed immediately (approx. 1p.m.) by the monthly
ICS meeting. Sister Carmel commented that St. Gregory's Sunday
afternoon activities and meetings might preclude our being able to do
so every month, because the hall would already be used for parish
functions. She will check St. Gregory's calendar for upcoming Sunday
At 5:22 the raffle was announced, with Ann Kelley declining a prize
when her name was called, Bernadette choosing the candle, Margaret
selecting the tea/coffee gift set, Henry taking the JFK plate, and
Elaine getting the rain bath prize. Meeting was adjourned at
5:27 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan S. Feeley,
ICS secretary/librarian