Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



- JUNE 24, 2001

Vice President Peter Hynes presided in the absence of
President Kelley who was in Boston. Since we will not have
the Northern Ireland youngsters to entertain this summer,
Joan Moody told of Project Children out of Corpus who will
be sponsoring four Cath­olic and four Protestant children
from June.28 through August 13 and suggested we might take
them to lunch. Bob Slattery volunteered to contact website
jpkelly3@earthlink.net for further information. There is a
band of three Irish musicians ,DUBBLIN, who will be in Austin
from the end of August through September. They are seeking
a gig, and their $400 fee is negotiable. It was suggested
that our new planning committee follow up on this for a
September program. Maura announced that classes in language
and dance will be put on by the Gaelic League of Austin on
September 14, 15, and 16 in Wimberly. Tuition is $125; a
$50 deposit is required. The University of the Incarnate
Word is currently sponsoring a discovery tour of Ireland.
There was a good article in the Harp and Shamrock newsletter
by Mae Kelly about Irish Heritage Day. Peggy Doherty
reminded that the Three Tenors will perform for "The Capital
Fourth" program on PBS. The treasurer's report reflected
a balance of $11,030.49.

There followed the casting of ballots, and the new vice
President is Al Gillen. The following committee chairmen
were elected:
Program - Pauline Forbes
Public Relations - Maura Ciarrochi
Social was left open to be filled by volunteers,
perhaps on a rotating basis.
Pat Gillen and John Donnellan were chosen to serve as
Bob Slattery continues as Treasurer.

There were 27 members attending and one guest -
Evelyn Blackburn daughter of Moya Murtagh. We adjourned
at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Hill, Secretary