Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas



NOVEMBER 24, 2002

The meeting was held in St. Gregory's business office. Ruth
Murphy, a member of several storytelling associations, drew
from her repertoire of children's stories and dramatized
four books: The Wise Woman, Fin McCoul, Clever Tom and the
Leprechaun, and Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato.
After the program, the minutes were read and approved. The
treasurer*s report for the first month of the new fiscal
year reflected a total checking account balance of $10,237.47.
Copies of the first-ever official audit of the Society's books
were distributed to the membership. The motion was made and
seconded to accept the report as read and was so ordered. Sr.
Carmel commended treasurer Bob for his 12 years of faithful
service. Congratulations were extended to our newly marrieds,
Peggy (Dougherty) and Victor Summers. Checks for the Christmas
party should be in by Nov. 30, with a separate check of $15
for each guest. Paid-up members will have their $10 refunded
at the party.

Sister Carmel used the plane ticket she won at Irish Heritage
Day to fly to Boston for the wedding of Noel Henry band member
Caroline Doherty. The coordinator for members' crafts booth at
Irish Heritage Day will be Henry McCann, aided and abetted
by Merita and the Hylands. Maura is the overall chairman; if
members know crafters, suggest they contact Maura. The board
has set the budget for 2003. It was moved and seconded to
accept the budget, which passed unanimously.

Our three guests were Ruth Murphy and husband Gene and Sheila
Stone. Twenty-seven members were in attendance.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Hill, Secretary