Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Vice-president Lou Kelley called the meeting to order at 3:16pm.
Father White gave the invocation which was followed by the Pledge
of Allegiance. The minutes of the February meeting were read and
accepted as read. There was no treasurer's report as Bob is
Lou reported that no correspondence had been received since the
last meeting. He led us in a recitation of the Lord's Prayer for
all the members of ICS who are ill.
Kay reported that we have one new member this month, and that
there are 14 members in attendance today. She said that she asked
at the post office about mailing out tickets using their mail
service. She was told that we can send out tickets through our
newsletter if the tickets say "need not be present to win" and use
the word "donation" before the cost of the ticket.
Sheila declared the Irish Heritage Day and the parade as successes
for the ICS. She praised the manager of Waxy O'Connor's for his
cooperation and generosity. He donated stew and bread for the IHD
tasting table and reuben sandwiches for the workers. Sheila then
encouraged us to visit the eatery and gave directions for finding
Waxy's downtown. She said that fun was had by all involved in the
ICS float for the St. Patrick's Day parade and mentioned that Nora
and her grandchildren participated. Sheila reminded us that
Deirdre Saravia would now be the presenter at our May 16th
meeting, and ICS member Dr. John Ryan will be speaking at the June
20th meeting. The ICS elections will also take place at the June
meeting. She suggested a pot luck supper be included that day, and
Doris M. suggested calling it a "Pop" luck instead of a potluck
supper in honor of Father's Day. We all liked that idea.
Librarian had no specific report other than to say adding to the
library collection is an ongoing process.
There was no social report as Ethna is out-of-town.
Public relations chair Nora thanked everybody for their help in
getting out the word for our activities in a busy month of
honoring Ireland and St. Patrick. She mentioned that SAC's Loftin
Center now requires liability insurance for any outside group who
would like to use their venue. Lou added that he had recently
talked with ICS member Brenda Tobey who would be more than willing
to do publicity for those groups she belongs to that are outside
the parameters of the groups ICS people normally see.
Scholarship chair announced that an essay was received, and that
she and Nora would be reading it to determine if it is indeed
worthy of our scholarship money. A nominating committee was formed
to meet and discuss possible candidates for our election at the
June meeting. The open positions this year will be president,
secretary, and membership. Sheila volunteered to head the
committee and Bob W. and Doris M. volunteered to help. They will
report back at the May meeting about the slate they hope to
present on the June ballot. The meeting was adjourned at 3:42.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley