Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Minutes - ICS Meeting - October 25, 2015

The October meeting of the Irish Cultural Society was 
called to order by President Lou Kelley at 3:15pm.  
Sr. Philippa did the invocation and then Lou led us 
all in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and 
approved as read, John D. moving and Bernadette 
seconding the motion.
Bob Barron was present to give the Treasurer’s report.
  He said that as of the first of October, we have 
just over $28K, if you include all of our accounts.
  The main expense this past month was the annual $750 
donation to the church for the use of the parlor room.
  He explained that the St. Joseph’s Credit Union 
where we hold our accounts is being absorbed by the 
First Mark Credit Union as of January 1st of next year.
  He has been assured that no charges are expected in 
how our accounts are handled.
There were no bills or claims this past month.
The only correspondence since our last meeting came 
from Adrian Farrell, who will cover that topic when 
he speaks to us after the business meeting.
Kay brought us up to date on the health issues of Bob
 and Gloria.  They are both in rehab right now, but 
at different sites, and she will find out the 
addresses for us.  John asked about Mary Sweeney.
  She wears a neck brace but is getting around, even 
driving again.  Bridie Malloy will be 85 on Friday.
  You are encouraged to send her birthday cards.
Under membership, Kay said that there are 27 members 
and 3 guests present today.
She then explained how the reduced tickets for 
Riverdance will work for the performances coming up at 
the end of February at the Majestic Theater.  Please 
get back to her as soon as you possibly can so she 
can get the best prices available for the tickets.
The librarian spoke about a recent list of the “top 20” 
books that all Irish-Americans should read that was sent 
to her by Lou, and she brought along the titles we owned 
in our library, and some other books of current interest 
as well.
There was no old business to discuss.  There was no 
new business to discuss.  We sang Happy Birthday to 
those celebrating another candle on the cake this month.
In lieu of Dr. Sean Hipp, Sister Mary Teresa Cullen 
Friday evening.  If  you want to pay by check, please 
send it to Dr. Hipp.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm, with Bob Barron 
making the motion and John seconding.  Refreshments 
ollow with a presentation after that by Adrian Farrell, 
Irish consul general.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley
ICS Secretary