Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas




Minutes from the ICS Meeting of October 26th, 2014

This month’s meeting of the ICS was called to order
by President Lou Kelley at 3:15pm.  Sister Phillippa 
Wall gave the invocation and then Lou led us in the 
Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes from the September meeting were read and 
approved, John Donnellan making the motion and 
Lucille seconding.

There was no treasurer’s report today.  Joan Moody 
surmised that because this is the UIW alumni weekend 
and Celeste graduated from there 50 years ago, she 
and Bob were busy with those activities.

Lou stated that due to this month’s meeting being 
scheduled two weeks later than usual, any and all 
correspondence received by him was now out-of-date.  
He cited the Danny O’Flaherty concert two weeks 
ago as an example.

Membership chair Kay Delaney asked that we all pay 
our dues as soon as possible.  She mentioned that 
despite wanting to be at this meeting to hear our 
program about their friend, John Brendan Flannery, 
neither Pat and Ann Collins nor Howard and Maureen 
Marman would be in attendance today due to a prior 
engagement.  There are 29 members and 4 guests in 
attendance today.

Social chair Ethna Torres has all in readiness to 
celebrate Henry’s birthday.  We will move the cakes 
and ice cream cups out to the meeting area to serve 
them after Henry blows out the candles and makes a 
wish.  All other foods brought today will be in the 
usual area.  Lou reminded all of us to let Ethna know 
when there is an illness or an accident pertaining to
one of our members, so she can send out a card on our 
behalf.  Also, feel free to send an individual card 
should you care to.  They can be so cheering and 
encouraging to someone not feeling well.

There are three new Danny O’Flaherty Cds in the ICS 
library that you will be able to check out at the 
November meeting.  You won’t have to return them 
until the January meeting.  

Both the public relations chair, Helena Ryan, and the 
scholarship chair, Susan Feeley, reported that all is 
quiet now, but things will start getting busy for us 
right after the holidays. 

There was no New Business, so the business meeting 
was adjourned at 3:46pm, John Donnellan making the 
motion and Merita McCann seconding.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Feeley, 
ICS Secretary