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Irish Contributions to America
Compiled by Ancient Order of Hibernians

Irish Contributions to America

  • Almost half of Washinton's Troops in the American Revolution were Irish
    by birth or decent, among them 1,500 Officers,including 26 Generals.
  • At least 11 of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Irish.
  • Charles Thompson of County Derry designed the Great Seal of the United States.
  • 22 of the 54 patriots killed at the battle of Bunker Hill were Irish born.
  • The father of the American Navy is Commodore John Barry of County Wexford.
  • Charles Hoban of Co. Kilkenny designed and built the American White House.
  • One of the largest banks - The Emigrant Savings and Loan - was started
    by the Irish Immigrant Society to help arriving Irish.
  • The Irish led labor organizing in America, and the Father of Labor day is
    Peter McGuire.
  • Industrial giant Henry Ford was the son of Irish Immigrants who fled
    "The Great Hunger."
  • The Irish flag stands inside the Alamo in recognition of the largest ethnic
    group to give their lives defending that icon of independence - 12 native-born
  • More than half of the Union Army in the Civil War was Irish with 38
    regiments having the word "IRISH" in their name. The most celebrated regiment
    in our nation's history was the legendary "Irish Brigade" led by T.F. Meagher,
    part of which was the distinguished, celebrated, and much honored "Fighting 69th."
  • The Congressional Medal of Honor has been awarded to 257 native-born Irish,
    which is more than twice the number awarded to any other ethnic group.
  • The most photo documentation of the Civil War was provided by Matthew Brady.
  • The inventor of the first working submarine was John P. Holland of County
  • The early west owed it lawlessness to such Irish-Americans as Billy-the-Kid,
    the James, the Younger and the Dolton brothers, yet owed its salvation to such
    Irish-American lawmen as Bill Tighlman, Pat Garrett, and the Earps.
  • American music has been influenced by her troubadour Steven Foster, her
    prince of light opera Victor Herbert, and her song and dance man George M
    Cohan - all Irish.
  • The first American woman to walk in space was Kathryn Sullivan.
  • America's first great playwright was Eugene O'Neill.
  • Thiry percent of the top CEO's in American in 2009 were Irish or of Irish
  • 17 Presidents have been decendents of Irish immigrants (emigrants)