of the 

Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas


Promoting Awareness of Irish Culture


Article I

The name of this Society shall be 
	The Irish Cultural Society of San Antonio, Incorporated
	(hereinafter referred to as the Society.)

Article II

The purposes of the Society are primarily cultural.

Article III

The objectives of the Society are:
    (a)  To promote Irish music, theater, art, literature, 
         science and other cultural and educational interests.
    (b)  To encourage study and research of Irish history 
         with special emphasis on the history of the Irish people 
         in Ireland and in Texas.
    (c)  To provide a suitable forum for presentations on 
	 Irish culture.
    (d)  To initiate active collaboration and cooperation 
	 with other organizations with similar cultural objectives.
    (e)  To provide cultural self-enrichment opportunities.
    (f)  To be open to such other objectives as are 
	 consonant with the objectives of the Society.

Article IV

Section 1.   Qualifications
    A.   The membership shall consist of persons who are
	 in accord with the objectives of this Society.
    B.   Membership is by invitation only, and persons 
	 invited for membership shall qualify by their interest in 
	 one or more of the objectives of the Society.
Section 2.    Types of Membership
	There shall be three classes of membership.
	   A.   Active:   Active members shall subscribe to the 
		objectives of  the Society, shall participate  
		actively in the work of the Society, shall have  
		the right to vote and hold office on the Board.
	   B.   Associate:  Associate members  are persons who 
		are actively interested in the objectives of the  
		Society but are unable to participate actively.   
		Associate members shall not vote or hold office 
		on the Board.
	   C.   Honorary Members:  Honorary members may be so 
		designated by a majority vote of the active membership
 		present at a regular meeting or a meeting called for
		that purpose.  Honorary members may not vote or hold 
		office, but should be sympathetic to the objectives of 
		the Society.
Section 3.  Election to Membership
		Active members shall be those elected as such in
		accordance with the by-laws of the Society.
Section 4.     Membership Fees
		There shall be membership fees in accordance with
		the by-laws of the Society.

Article V
Governance of the Society

Section I
	The direction of the Society,  the management of its 
	affairs. and the control and disposition of its property 
	and funds, pursuant to the objectives of the Society, 
	shall be vested in the active membership.
Section  2.  Officers and Board
	    A.  The officers of the Society shall be a President, 
		a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
	    B.  The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the 
		elected officers, the chairpersons of all standing 
		committees and two members at large.
	    C.  The Board of Directors shall have the powers and 
		perform the duties described in the by-laws.
Section  3.  Term of Office
	    A.  Election of officers and all other Board Membership 
		shall be at the annual general meeting.  This election  
		shall be by secret ballot.  Those elected shall hold  
		office for two years for all elections.
	    B.  The election shall be held as follows:
	        (1.) The Vice-President and the Treasurer shall be 
		elected in the year following the election of the  
		President, the Secretary and the Membership 
	        (2.) All other elected officials shall be elected on 
		the same year as the Vice-President.
	    C.  A vacancy arising in the Board shall be filled for 
		the remainder of the term by secret ballot of the active 
Section  4.     Nominating Committee
		Nominations to all elective positions shall be by a 
		committee elected by the active membership in  
		accordance with the by-laws of the society or from 
		the floor of the assembly.

Article VI

   The annual general meeting and regular meetings of the 
		Society as well as board meetings shall be held in  
		accordance with the by-laws of this society.

Article VII

Section 1
		A. Standing Committees shall be Membership, Planning and 
		Programming, Public Relations, Social, and Scholarship.
		B.  The officers shall constitute and Executive Committee 
		for the purpose of dealing with extraordinary matters  
		arising between the meetings of the Society.
		C. The active membership may elect such other Special 
		Committees as are deemed necessary for the accomplishment 
		of special tasks.
Section  2
		A.  The chairperson of each standing committee shall 
		choose the members of their committee.
		B.  The President shall be an ex-officio, nonvoting 
		member of all committees with the exception of the 
		nominating committee.
		C.  The Chairperson and members of each committee 
		shall perform the duties of that committee in accordance 
		with the by-laws of the Society.

Article VIII
Parliamentary Authority

    The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's 
		Rules of Order shall govern this Society in all cases 
		to which they are applicable and in which they are not
		inconsistent with any special rules of order this Society 
		may adopt.

Article IX
Amendments of the Constitution

    This constitution can be amended at any time provided 
		that the amendment be read at a previous regular meeting, 
		be approved by two-thirds majority of the Board Members, 
		be sent to each member in writing at least fourteen days 
		previous and the amendment as originally presented be
		approved by secret ballot by two-thirds of those present 
		and voting.


On May 11, 1975 the constitution was approved.

On Oct 19, 1975 Member ship rules changed to open
membership to anyone with cultural interests similar
to those of the society's founding members.