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Irish Cultural Society

of San Antonio Texas


Promoting Awareness of Irish Culture

10 September 2017, Presentation: "The Lost City of Avoca TX."
by Dr.Gerald Mulvey, Professor of Meteorology at University of the Incarnate Word,
Avoca the Lost City? Right here on the Headwaters of the University of the Incarnate Word land,
a city was dreamed of and lost. Come and find out about the city and San Antonio. They were
close but still far apart. The ruins may still exist closer than you think. Join us to
explore the past and maybe resolve the mysteries hidden there.


January 8th 2017
Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: Women of Influence

5:54 PM 12/29/2016
Sister Margaret Carew, CCVI was recognized for her decades of
work in the BEXAR County Jail System. She was presented the Woman
of Influence
Award for this work on 27 Sep 2016. In her Book
"Faith Opens Jail Doors," she tells of her experiences ministering
to inmates.
Funds from the sale of her book are donated to the CCVI Legacy fund and
other charities. I'd bet she has some interesting stories after all
those years of working with inmates.


Boru Band
January 13th 2013
Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: MUSIC by Boru

Music makes it possible for us
to Sing and Dance.

Celtic music is unique. It was
brought to the U.S.A. mainly by
immigrants from Ireland. Celtic Music is the forerunner
of Bluegrass, Country, Western, & Western swing.

On the second Sunday of the first month of 2013, at our new location, St. Anthony
de Padua Catholic Church. Come hear Boru play a selection of Celtic music, with some
bluegrass and country numbers. This is a talented group of local musicians, great
entertainment for a Sunday afternoon.
These guys are good!


Helena Ryan
September 16, 2012 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: Cognitive Skills
By Helena Ryan

Cognitive skills make it possible for us to think, remember,
and learn. They allow us to process the hugh influx of
information we receive every day. These skills include short and long term memory,
processing speed, auditory and visual processing, logic, reasoning and comprehension

Helena has a B.A. in Geography/ Geology with a minor in English from the
National University of Irelan Galway, a Masters in Psychology at the
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at UT Dallas
A Masters in Special Education from North Texas State University at Denton TX
She ran a diagnostic testing center for 20 years, and today is semi-retired.
She is super qualified and an outstanding communicator.
You will enjoy her presentation.



1 July 2012
The Grand Annual General Meeting

There will be a presentation of the Irish
and Western and Country songs by Dan
Walding and Lou Kelley. Lou and Dan
appear weekly at the Huebner Creek Revival
and have been featured at Floore's Country
Store in benefit performances for Our Lady
of Guadalupe in Helotes. The ICS gatherings
often turn into sing alongs, and we have good time. This meeting will include the
installation of officers, and we will have a Pot Luck.

This is our penultimate meeting of the 2011-2012 fiscal year, so
as they say in Southern Ireland: Y'all come now, ya hear!


Joe and Charlie

20 November 2011
General Meeting

There will be a presentation of the poetry of
W.B. Yeats by Joseph DeMott and its interpretation
through music on the piano by Dr Charles Goodhue. Joe
DeMott works as an Immigration Lawyer in private
practice. He has been active in community theater
in San Antonio for decades. Dr. Goodhue is a retired
chemist who composes classical music. He is an active
member of the Composers Alliance of San Antonio.
Joe and Charlie are directed by local award winning director/actor John O'Neill.
This will be in enjoyable program for those who love music and Irish poetry.

This is our last meeting of 2011


23 October 2011
General Meeting
Sister Corinne Walsh will discuss the history of the
University of the Incarnate Word from its founding in 1954.
Sister Corinne was born and raised in Co Roscommon, Ireland
and she will include her journey to UIW.
EIMIR O'Maloileidigh's Irish Dance troupe will demonstrate
their dancing talents as well.
This is our First meeting after September 2011


12 June 2011
The Big Annual General Meeting for 2011
Scholarship Presentation, Pot Luck, Business Meeting,
Election of Officers
Last meeting before September 2011


19 March 2011 - Annual St Patrick's Day dance

February 13th 2011.
General Membership Meeting. Chocolate, a taste of Guinness, coffee and tea.
Irish Story Teller Jane Mc Daniel, a quick review of Irish dance, and the Irish
National Anthem in Gaelic learned at January meeting. St Valentines theme.


Leo & Margret Moreno
January 16th 2011.
General Membership meeting. St Gregory Irish Dancers under
the direction of Margret and Leo Moreno will demonstrat the
traditional Irish Dance Steps for "Gay Gordon" and "Seige of
Ennis" so our membership will be ready for the Irish Dance
in March. We will also introduce the Irish National Anthem
in Gaelic with which we close the Annual Dance, just before
we sing The American National Anthem.
Non-members are invited to join us.


19 September 2010, Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: "Celtic Folk Music"by Cambell & Wilson
WHERE: St. Gregory the Great Church Hall,
709 Beryl, San Antonio, TX 78213.
Program Begins at: 4PM
WHO Are Cambell & Wilson - -

Rod Campbell & Ron Wilson have both been performing Celtic, Folk,
and Heritage music for over a decade. Tunes, songs, poetry,
storytelling, and humor Campbell & Wilson combine an exciting
blend of musical talent with the stage presence of true performers.
Fresh arrangements blend Celtic reels, jigs, polkas, waltzes, and
airs with Scots and Irish songs, seafaring ballads, and songs of
drinking and revelry.
Campbell & Wilson's sound includes Rod on guitar, bodhran, harmonica, and vocals;
and Ron on fiddle, octave fiddle, mandolin, anglo and english concertinas, bones,
and vocals.
Rod and Ron have performed at The North Texas Irish Festival, The Arlington
Highland Games, Dallas's Celtic Heritage Festival, San Antonio's Texas Folklife
Festival, The San Antonio Highland Games and the San Antonio Conservation Society's
Night in Old San Antonio. They've played at Galveston's Dickens on the Strand Festival,
as well as at O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub in New Orleans, and the list goes on..
FREE to the public,
FREE Parking
Come and Hear Cambell & Wilson at 4:00 PM on 19 September, 2010
at St Gregory the Great Church Hall,
709 Beryl, San Antonio TX, 78213


W John Ryan
20 June 2010, Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: "Irish Perspective of Sleep"by Dr. W. John Ryan

WHO IS Dr W John Ryan - -

Dr. Ryan grew up and went to Medical School in Galway, Ireland.
After several years of medical training in Ireland, he and Wife
Helena with their son, Darren, emigrated to Canada. John spent
3 years at the prestigious McMaster University where he did a
Respiratory Medicine Fellowship and studied under Prof E J M
Campbell, the worlds foremost expert on “dyspnea”. In 1978 the
family moved to Dallas where John established a Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep
Medicine practice that grew to 3 offices and 6 physicians. After 25 years the Ryans
traveled to Mexico, Ireland, and Europe for a year. John did a Masters in Public Health,
a Fellowship in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, and served as the DSHS Regional
Medical Director of the Houston region during the aftermath of the Katrina and Rita
hurricanes. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases,
Critical Care Medicine (1988, 1998), Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2006),
and Sleep Medicine (2009). He now has a Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine practice in
Boerne, Texas.
Dr Ryan will speak about sleep in general, review a little on sleep apnea, and then
talk on other topics including insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and
sleep related movement disorders. This is a completely new presentation
incorporating the very latest research and information. There will be plenty of time
for questions and answers.
-->> Come and Hear Dr Ryan on June 20, 2010 at St Gregory the Great Church Hall,
709 Beryl, San Antonio TX, 78213


Deirdre Saravia
16 May 2010, Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: "Reflections on Belfast"by Deirdre Saravia

WHO IS Deirdre Saravia - -

Deirdre Saravia, a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, is "the
personality behind the voice at Texas Public Radio, 88.3." She
is a registered nurse and a midwife. Her journey to San
Antonio began the day she said she no longer could stand the
gray skies and the earlier political tension in Northern
Ireland. She applied to three hospitals, Johannesburg
responded by return mail and a month later she was in South
Africa! She has traveled through Africa and Europe then Scotland and back to Ireland.
She met her husband, Jorge in London. Deirdre and Jorge were married in Mexico City
where Deirdre participated in that city's Irish Cultural Society. She also had a part
as an "extra" in "Lucky Lady" starring Burt Reynolds, Gene Hackman and Liza Minelli!
Deirdre and Jorge moved to San Antonio in 1979, and now have three beautiful and
talented children.
Deirdre is a multi-talented lady with a delightful personality.
Come hear her on May 16, 2010 at St Gregory the Great Church Hall, 709 Beryl,
San Antonio, TX 78213.


March 2010 - Annual St Patrick's dance


February 2010 - Irish Heritage Day


January 2010 - Little Christmas Dinner (Tom Macken’s group can perform possibly)


December - Storytelling with Jane McDaniels


Milo Kearney
15 November 2009, Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: "The Little-Known Parallels Between the Histories of Ireland and India"

WHO IS Milo Kearney - -

Milo Kearney lives in San Antonio. He attended our March 2009
St. Patrick's Day Dance.
He is Professor Emeritus of history at the University of Texas at Brownsville.
He has a B.S. in geology from the University of Texas at Austin, and a
Ph.D. in history from the University of California at Berkeley.

He is a Fulbright Scholar; Woodrow Wilson Fellow; Minnie Stevens Piper Professor;
and earned the UT Chancellor's Outstanding Teacher Award.

He has written 20 books, including:
Border Cuates: A History of the U.S.-Mexican Twin Cities
Boom and Bust: The Historical Cycles of Matamoros and Brownsville
Stories Brownsville Told Its Children: A Child s History of Brownsville
The Indian Ocean in World History
Medieval Culture and the Mexican American Borderlands
World Saviors and Messiahs of the Roman Empire
The Role of Swine Symbolism in Medieval Culture
The Historical Roots of Medieval Literature
Border Walls: A Musical About Redbeard of the Rio Grande.


October - Possibly music from Sally Garden or a presentation


The Foxes
September 20, 2009 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program to be Jim and Maggie Fox
Click the band picture for more details.


Kelly Niemiec
June 21, 2009, Annual General Meeting
Program: "Its a Long Way from Kildare"

WHO IS Kelly Niemiec - -
Kelly Lives in San Antonio and expects to start college
in the Fall of 2009. She is the 2009 winner of the Irish Cultural
Society's Scholarship Award with an essay on "A Person of Irish
Heritage and Their Contribution." She will present her winning essay
at the Annual General Meeting and it has been published on this
web site. Kelly's essay faced stiff competition from other
applicants, and was judged by a very competent committee.
Congradulations to Kelly Niemiec.


Joan Moody
May 17, 2009 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: History of the Irish in San Antonio Tx

Please join us for an elightening afternoon of local Irish History
presented by Joan Moody.

Joan Moody has a BA degree in History and English from Incarnate
Word College. She has given presentations on the Texas Irish in
New York, Chicago, and to schools in both San Antonio and
Comal ISD. She has written on the Texas Irish experience in the
Irish American News out of Chicago, the Old Irish Advoctae out of New York, The Irish
Emigrant out of Boston. She was profiled this year in the Express-News. She has also
contributed articles to the Irish Voice and Irish Echo. Joan Moody is an Irish Texan
with roots that came from Ireland to Texas, She has held the title Irishman of the
from the Harp & Shamrock Society, and is the current President of that organization.
Her presentation is based on material from her bachelor's thesis and is continuously
updated and enhanced.
The Irish in San Antonio
Irish Natives of Ireland were among the first settlers in Spanish-ruled Texas, and
the story of the Irish in Texas is in many ways coincident with the founding of the
republic and the development of the state. In 1767 Hugo O’Conor, First Governor
ad Interim of Texas rebuilt the fortifications of San Antonio against Apache attacks.
As of 1776, 75 years before the Great Famine in Ireland, more than 300,000 Irish had
immigrated to the United States. They were professionals and laborers of every sort.
Many fought in the Revolutionary War on land and on the sea. Philip Nolan, a native of
Belfast, Ireland, was said to be the first Anglo American to map Texas. Whatever his
real mission in Texas, Nolan's activities so aroused Spanish authorities that he was
killed by a force sent to arrest him in 1801. In San Antonio 11 Irishmen died with
Travis defending the Alamo. During the Civil War San Antonio provided Irish units in
Confederate Service. Many know that the Irish helped build the railroads that come
through San Antonio. A quick survey of street names will show that many of the
politicians, business men, and founders of San Antonio were Irish. The Irish flats,
and Irish politics of San Antonio are stories all by themselves. The Irish also
contributed their fair share of lawmen and outlaws.

Joan Moody has prepared an informative and exciting fact filled presentation that
will leave you with a new pride in being Irish and being from San Antonio.
We hopeto see you there.


<Nora Olivares
February 15, 2009 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: Poety & Music
By Nora Olivares
Please join us for a wine and cheese party and an afternoon of poetry
and song presented by Nora Olivares and Lou Kelley. Everyone will
have an opportunity to participate.

Nora Mahon Olivares, was born and raised in Longford, Co. Longford,
Ireland at a very young age. She has spent over 30 years in San Antonio, Texas, where she
lives with her husband , daughter, and grandchildren. She is a past-president of the Irish
Cultural Society of San Antonio, and ran the society's scholarship program for many years.
Her work has been published in several anthologies of poetry. She has presented workshops
on writing and poetry, and has been nominated six times for the Piper Award for teaching
excellence at San Antonio College.

Taken From Burials, Bridges, and Blessings

Lou Kelley is another past-president of the Irish Cultural Society.
We hopeto see you there.


Helena Ryan
November 16, 2008 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: Belleek China
By Helena Ryan

History of Belleek in Ireland

In 1849 John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited the Castlecaldwell estate, which encompassed
the village of Belleek, from his father. Mindful of the plight of his tenants in the
aftermath of the potato famine he sought to provide some form of worthwhile employment.
An amateur mineralogist, he ordered a geological survey of his land. To his delight it
revealed the necessary raw materials to make Pottery - feldspar, kaolin, flint, clay
and shale.

The village of Belleek, especially the part of the village known as Rose Isle was a natural
choice for the business. This small isle provided the best opportunity to leash the power
of the River Erne to drive a mill wheel strong enough to grind components into Slip, the
term applied to liquid potter's clay.

Bloomfield acquired partners in the venture, he pulled strings, and lobbied for the
Railway Service to come to Belleek. and on Thursday 18th November 1858 Mrs Bloomfield
laid the foundation stone. Thus began one of the world's most famous manufacturers
of the world's finest pottery and china.

Belleek Homepage at: http://www.belleek.ie/CompanyInfo1.aspx?pagecode=3


John Kerr
October 19, 2008 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: Authentic WWII Background
By John Kerr From his book Cardigan Bay.

Cardigan Bay is at once a romance and an espionage thriller, set
during World War Two. The story is woven from several threads, some
of them fairly well known - such as the elaborate and ongoing planning
for the Normandy invasion by the Allies, the work of the top-secret
code-breakers at Bletchley Park and the plot by anti-Nazi German
military officers to assassinate Hitler.

John Kerr is a former attorney and investment banker. He will remain
active on the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research board after
his retirement in a few months, and two companies he's practically
midwifed, Azaya Therapeutics and Evestra Inc., will keep him busy.
So will the $15 million expansion of the National Museum of the
Pacific War in Fredericksburg, which Kerr is spearheading as chairman
of the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. And, the persevering writer is
polishing the final draft of his latest novel, set in Texas after
the Civil War.

The Houston native's first published novel - he says he has four
others ready for press - was released this summer by San Antonio's
Corona Press. Cardigan Bay is a meticulously researched historical
tale set in World War II, told in the measured voice of a historian.

Book Review at: http://www.bloggernews.net/117612


February 17, 2008 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program to be "The Values Divide" by John Francis Burke, Ph.D
Dept of Political Science at University of St. Thomas.

John Francis Burke is a political theorist who focuses on the
challenges posed to democracy by multiculturalism in the
U.S. Southwest. The author of Mestizo Democracy: The Politics
of Crossing Borders (2002) and several articles on the subject,
he has been engaged for over a decade in fostering interchange
between Houston's diverse cultural, linguistic, and racial groups,
especially in religious communities.
"The Values Divide" presentation will consider how "values" have
characterized American politics starting with the election of John
Kennedy, up to the present day, and some notes on Irish-American
Political Patterns.


The Foxes
November 25, 2007 Regular Monthly Meeting
Program to be Jim and Maggie Fox
Click the band picture for more details.


<Miriam GallagerOctober 21. 2007 Regular Monthly Meeting

Miriam Gallagher,Irish playwright, novelist & screenwriter,
was born in Waterford.
Since 1983, over twenty of her plays have been performed
in Ireland, Europe, USA & Canada and work translated into
Irish, Dutch, French, Finnish and Russian. Her film Gypsies,
screened at Irish Film Centre, Galway Film Fleadh, Foyle
Film Festival, New York's Lincoln Center, Plaza cinemas,
San Francisco & at International Children's Film Festival
at Hyderabad, India.

She has received several international awards and in 2000 was invited to
present work at the 5th International Women's Playwrights Conference in
Athens & Delphi.

Miriam has served on committee of the Irish PEN, and as its vice
president. She has also served on the Irish Writers Union committee,
on the council of the Society of Irish Playwrights and as a judge for
the O.Z. Whitehead Play Competition. She has served as a member of the
Awards Panel for Arts & Disability Forum. She has given scriptwriting
courses, worked in professional, prison & community theatre, given
readings, creative writing courses, and has been a visiting lecturer
at universities in Dublin, Galway, Athens, New York, Boston & Pretoria.

June 10, 2007 Annual General ICS meeting
Hanna Davidson Pankowsky shares her Holocost Experiences
with today's decendents of the Irish Famine
May 20, 2007 Regular ICS meeting
"The Irish Celtic Tiger: Where it came from and How it Works"
Presented by Dr. Joseph McFadden, Professor of History
and President Emeritus of the University of St. Thomas
April 15, 2007 Regular ICS meeting
"Exploring the Christian Heritage of the Celts"
Presented By Clan á Chalmain (Clan of the Dove)
February 18, 2007 Regular ICS meeting
Paul Cohen
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English,
Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666
This Month's presentation will be on Laurence Sterne’s
Tristram Shandy (18th century).
As the Lieutenant of Inishmore is one of the funniest
plays, Tristram Shandy is the funniest novel
and has long had the reputation as the most unfilmable
of novels.
Dr. Cohen considers Tristram Shandy "The greatest
shaggy-dog story in the language."
Previous Presentations:
Dr. Cohen has previously entertained us with some of the
most interesting and educational presentations including:
James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, Bloomsday in Dublin, and Ulysses,
Flann O'Brien, and The plays of Martin McDonagh.


October 15, 2006
Regular ICS meeting
The Highland Pipers
Their website is

April 15 to May 8th
The Clearing
A Play by Helen Edmundson
The Jewish Community Center, Sheldon Vexler Theater
Intersection of Military Drive and Wurzbach
Thursdays at 7:30 PM, Saturdays at 8:00 PM, Sundays
at 2:30 PM.
Oliver Cromwell is regarded as a social reformer in England;
In Ireland his name is quite justly as much a symbol of racial
persecution as Adolf Hitler's. "The Clearing" is set in Co.
Kildare, Ireland. By 1650 Cromwell has suppressed most of
Ireland, leaving it in ruins. It is the tale of a small few
who fought back in desperation.

April 24th 2004 at 6:PM
Visual Arts in Ireland
by Brian Kennedy
at the SAC Visual Arts & Technology Center
950 Lewis at Dewey (off San Pedro)
Brian Kennedy was Born in Belfast in 1949, he earned his
Diploma and Higher Diploma in Fine Arts from Belfast College
of Art. He has exhibited widely in Europe and North America
and has held residencies in Ireland, Italy, Scotland, the USA,
most recently as the Arts Council of Northern Ireland's fellow
at The British School in Rome. His main focus has always been
large scale site-specific installations. He has also worked on
photography, painting and performing arts.

April 16, 2004 at 7: 00 PM
The Junior Comhaltas Group from Kilkenny Ireland will present
an evening of music, singing, and dancing.
St. Gregory The Great Hall.
Traditional Irish Singers, Dancers, and Musicians. They
are Internationally known from Ireland and the rest of
Europe and as far away as New Zealand. These folks are
the all Ireland Champs. This is their first time in
San Antonio, Texas. The comhaltas is an authentic Irish
traditional type of performance.

May 9th 2003 at 7 PM Regular ICS Meeting
The Williamite War and the Flight of the Wild Geese
Presented by Evelyn Coleman
Visual Arts & Technology Bldg. at San Antonio College
corner of Dewey & Lewis at 7 PM
She is on tour with the Irish American Cultural Institute
Evelyn Coleman is currently responsible for the operation
of the visitor services at the National Monuments of Charles
Fort and Desmond Castle/International Museum of Wine, in
Kinsale, Co. Cork, Barryscourt Castle in East Cork and
Dungaven Castle in Co. Waterford.

November 19, 2000 Regular ICS Meeting at 4 PM
Share her interests in Ireland by Lucy McBee
at St Gregory the Great Center, 709 Beryl SATX.
Lucy McBee is a winner in the Irish Catagory of
the Poetry Contest.