Irish Cultural Society
San Antonio, Texas
Scholarship Application Form
($1,000 Scholarship)
Name:___________________________ SSAN:(Last four only)_______________
Home Address________________________________________________________
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Phone: ________________________ E-Mail _____________________________
High School Attending: _____________________________________________
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College you Plan to Attend: _________________________________________
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Names of two people who will be willing to provide a reference ifcalled upon:

1. _________________________________________________________________
name address phone relationship to applicant
2. _________________________________________________________________
name address phone relationship to applicant
The Subject for 2017-2018:
        Identify a person of Irish ancestry or culture who has made a significant contribution to humanity.  Write
a carefully argued essay which defines that person's sphere of influence and its benefits to society.  Explain
what factors shaped that person's vision and talent.

In order for your application to be considered, this form must accompany your titled essay.
Your name must not appear on the essay itself.  

Deadline: March 31, 2018          Winner notification in May 2018;    Scholarship ($1000) awarded:June 2018.

Submit Essay with this Application Form to:
Susan Feeley, 3423 Copper Breaks, San Antonio TX 78247-3049.


 Eligibility Requirements:

Detailed Caveats

An essay will be automatically eliminated from consideration for:
Failure to include the Irish Cultural Society Scholarship Application Form with the essay.
Failure to write to the specified subject area.
Failure to properly cite references in a researched essay.
Including your name on the essay itself. This must not be done!
Failure to follow the Essay Form and Format requirements as given below:

Essay Form and Format Requirements:

Essay Evaluation:
Essays will be evaluated for understanding of the subject,and thoroughness of research. They will
also be evaluated on basic use of the English language; sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.